maandag 8 februari 2016

Portrait drawing of Jan Van Hoef in shades of bister

My latest drawing, a portrait of my son Jan with beard. Made with chalk, pastel and gouache on Canson Studio lavis paper, 63 cm x 68 cm. I chose a very precise and time-consuming way of drawing here, made in several layers, almost like in the construction of a classical painting with an under drawing, a second stage and a final rendering stage to end with this result.

The original finished drawing with the correct colours in daylight

during the work...

The same monochrome drawing in tints of bister in artificial light before signature

You can also follow the production of this portrait and see larger images on this page of my site (Dutch only):

Eddie Van Hoef is a Belgian professional artist painter accepting commission murals, portraits and made to order works of art. Fancy a state of the art portrait drawing, painting at a reasonable price? Send an e-mail with your questions or remarks to:

or visit my site (Dutch only) at:

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